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SMART GVM Upgrades

Landcruiser 200 Series

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whether you're packing the family, the van, the tools or the team, everything you add onto, into, or attach to your vehicle brings it closer to it's GVM (gross vehicle mass).
Add too much, and your vehicle becomes dangerous and illegal and could see you facing fines and insurance problems. Durashock Suspension System's SMART GVM upgrades are the only federally tested & nationally approved suspension upgrades that use SMART design to legally increase your gross vehicle mass without compromising you, your vehicle or your passenger's safety.
As a result of Durashock's  comprehensive testing and approval process you can feel confident that your manufacturer's warranty is not affected when a SMART GVM Upgrade kit is fitted to your vehicle. In addition we are pleased to offer an industry leading warranty on our products.
So what is SMART technology and how can it work for me?
SUPERIOR LOAD CARRYING CAPACITY...   Durashock SMART GVM upgrades provide one of the largest federally approved gross vehicle mass upgrades for LandCruiser 200 Series four wheel drive vehicles offering an increase in load carrying capacity of 450kg. Durashock SMART GVMs can legally help your vehicle carry more. It’s the ideal solution for maximising your vehicle’s weight capacity while staying within legal limits. Strong yet agile, maxed out yet controlled – these are the qualities that our Durashock Smart GVM system offers your vehicle  

MINIMAL HEIGHT INCREASE...   High lifts when unladen are the norm with most GVM upgrade packages. However, these lifts alter the vehicle's centre of gravity reducing it's handling, performance and safety, and make it harder to load and unload. Durashock's SMART GVM upgrades are specifically  designed to minimise vehicle lift. 

ALL ROUND COMFORT...   The extreme loads conventional GVM upgrade packages are asked to shoulder require GVM coil and leaf springs to be heavier, stiffer and often larger than standard factory components, with the result being that they regularly provide harsh, unforgiving rides, particularly when the  vehicle is driven unladen. Durashock SMART GVM upgrades have been purposely designed to deliver maximum load carrying capabilities together with the best possible compromise of passenger friendly ride and handling characteristics, regardless of whether the vehicle is loaded or not.
REAL SAFETY BENEFITS...   Durashock SMART GVM's class leading load carrying capability, minimal height increase and all round comfort come together to create a GVM upgrade package that offers more real driver and occupational health and safety benefits than any other GVM product on the  market.

Our other benefits we offer are:
  1. Reduced chance of overloading
  2. Lower centre of gravity
  3. Reduced chance of rollover in emergency situations 
  4. Lower tray, door, tailgate and sill heights
  5. Reduced chance of manual handling injuries
  6. All round comfort benefits
  7. Reduced driver stress and fatigue
TESTED & FEDERALLY CERTIFIED...   Durashock SMART GVM upgrades are the only GVM upgrades tested and approved by the Federal Department of Transport and Road Safety Standards to feature SMART design. 


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